fermata on rest

• Dec 8, 2008 - 22:15

I composed a score and whenever I played it back or saved it would crash. So I fidgeted with it and found out that it was because I had put fermatas on rests... why can I not do that? Maybe i's supposed to work that way, but if I'm writing a score with a fermata on a note for one instrument, then the rest of the instruments must have a fermata as well, especially if parts are to be made. Just a minor detail right there.

And this is a little random, but MuseScore makes dozens of temporary files that it leaves in the folders where my files are... I can just get rid of those right? Why doesn't it do that automatically then?


I added fermatas to rests using both 0.9.3 stable and r.1344 prerelease. Neither one crashed during playback or saving. Must be some other detail that is causing the crash. Could you attach a score here that is causing a crash or try to narrow in on the bug further?

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As this still involves a fermata I'm posting on this thread.
Have another look at my attachment above - measure 17 in the Alto - double click the C to enter edit mode and move the note up and down reasonably quickly (either with mouse or up and down arrows) - for me the two triplets on either side do weird things - its really noticable so if it does it for you you won't miss it. (By the way if I delete the fermata it still does it - so probably nothing to do with the fermata as such).

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There is something wrong with the bounding box of rests with articulation symbols. You cannot select the articulation symbols on rests. I fixed this and it it will soon show up in svn.
If you drag a note with the mouse (to change pitch) weired things happen with triplets. The reason is that the layout code is simplified for dragging to gain some speed. If you release the mouse button a full relayout is done and all should look ok afterwards.

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