Lost files after saving

• Jun 8, 2015 - 22:09

So I made a score last night and finished the majority of what I was doing. I saved it and closed it. I went back to look at it once to show a friend. I didn't make any changes, but it gave me the "Would you like to discard the changes made" Message. I clicked discard because I hadn't made any changes. I came back today to finish it and found that it was missing. I opened two files to see if my work got saved to another name by accident, and after seeing that this wasn't the case I closed those other scores and got the same "discard work?" message. I clicked discard again because I hadn't made any changes. Those files too have now disappeared. I happen to have backup versions of those, but my score from last night is still nowhere to be found. Not too serious, but am I doing something wrong or can someone tell me what's up?


It seems likely your score was saved to a different folder than where you are looking for it, and you are continuing to try to open the original version created in 1.3 rather than the version you saved using 2.0.

How are you trying to open the file that you cannot find?

By default, it should appear in the 'Start Center' when you launch MuseScore. It should also appear on the list in the File > Open Recent menu. And, of course, it should be accessible by File > Open... in the directory in which your Scores are being saved according to Edit > Preferences.

Can you confirm that it's not showing up in any of those locations?

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