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• Jun 8, 2015 - 23:10

I have installed Musescore2 onto my Linux Mint17.1 laptop. However, although I have selected abc-import plug-in via the plug-in manager, it is not showing in my plug-ins list and so I cannot use it!!

Any suggestions please.....


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So, to be clear: if you go to the Plugins menu, all you see is Plugin Manager and Plugin Creator, but if you select Plugin Manager, you see a whole bunch of plugins checked? Can you post screenshots of the dialog and the menu so we can see if there is any odd about how they look?

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My Musescore install was obtained by adding 'ppa:mscore-ubuntu/mscore-stable' to my software sources then installing via the terminal. I did this because installing from the Mint Software Manager gives me ver 1.3 and I wanted ver2.

The plugin files are definitely on my system. Starting up Musescore with musescore -F did not make any difference.

If I start Musescore from the terminal then quit it I get; musescore4.png

which does indicate that something is missing from my install....

So I have removed musescore and have re-installed it, but get the same message in the terminal window when I start Musescore up via the terminal.

Thanks for all help and advice so far, its not a huge deal not to be able to use the plugins - its mostly the abc-import and I can convert abc files to xml online, but it would be good to get all of Musescore going if I can......

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If I'm not mistaken, those are the Qt components needed to run plugins :-). I suppose this probably means that whomever assembled the package you installed didn't get the dependencies right, and you can probably fix it on your own system yourself by installing the proper Qt packages normally. But I don't know the details

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Bug report recommends installing qml-module-qtquick2, which I have done. This enables all plugins to run except abc_import (!) Still get this report from terminal; musescore6.png

(the plugin referred to in the screenshot is the abc_import from another source, placed in the Musescore folder in my Home area - but the embedded abc_import won't run either)

So, wait for bug to be fixed? Or is there another package I can install?

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I am chasing qt modules here - every time I find the one I need and try to install it, I get another dependecy error, so I'm not going to pursue this any further - I'm just going to get on enjoying using Musescore2, it is a great music tool.

One day Musescore2 for Linux will work, I'll wait till then, thanks for the help......

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