MuseScore is released

• Jul 13, 2010 - 16:06

MuseScore bug fix release is available for download. Installation packages are available for Windows and Mac OS X. Linux users have to wait for their distribution maintainers to make a package.

During the past month, MuseScore development team has fixed 40 bugs on the MuseScore 0.9.6 code. You can find a list of bug fixes in the release notes. This release also comes with 3 new languages under translation: Hebrew, Slovenian and Basque.


Dont know if its just me but i thought i'd share this. I downloaded the latest version and upgraded the one installed in my computer. Whenever i open my work and do some edit and save then exit, the musescore freezes and crashes. I tried with different music files of musescore i worked earlier, it always crashes on exit. I switched back to 0.9.6 and it works fine.

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I'm having the exact same problem.

And when I open MuseScore again and choose to Restore Previous Session, it crashes again.

I'm finding that File > Reload triggers a crash as well.

I'm also thinking of going back to 0.9.6, as I never had these problems. It seemed more stable, and I was largely unaware of the bugs that purports to fix.


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I uninstalled 0.9.6 completely and installed I also downloaded a work from "Made with MuseScore" entitled "Arrival to Earth" (great job on the score), and loaded it into and tried exiting and again I encountered the Crash error. I've attached a screenshot of the crash report.

I dont know if its just me thats experiencing but I dont experience crash events with 0.9.6.

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I've gone back to 0.9.6. Problem solved ... except that this doesn't bode well for future releases for me and others impacted by this consistent and predictable Crash on Exit situation with

I'm surprised that it isn't reproducible and that so few people have reported the problem.

FWIW, I'm using Windows XP with SP3.

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Stevebob, In my experience crashes are almost always reproducible one you discover the steps that you need to follow. If others aren't able to reproduce the crash then there is usually an important detail missing from the steps. Perhaps you were experiencing the following crash:
#6479: Crash when closing score during playback ( regression)

Regarding your comment, 'this doesn't bode well for future releases for me and others impacted by this consistent and predictable Crash." The best way to make sure future releases are not impacted by a crash is to report the steps necessary for others to reproduce the crash. Maybe you can make a screencast that show the steps leading up to a crash.

What I experienced had nothing to do with playback. I would have remembered that detail, and I would have mentioned it.

If others aren't able to reproduce a crash, it's not necessarily because any details were omitted. Another explanation (and, I believe, the most likely one in this case) is that it's not possible to simulate the exact circumstances of my operating environment (i.e., my OS plus all programs and background processes running concurrently on my computer).

In the meantime, no worries. I'm very happy to have reinstalled 0.9.6, as I never had any problem with in the month since it was released. When there's another "stable" version officially released, I'll try it ... and hope for the best.

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Just FYI - I am running the latest stable Musescore on Windows XP Pro running inside a VMWare virtual machine....
I've had crash on exit problems with previous versions too... never happens with new scores created directly inside MuseScore, but is quite common with scores created by imports of midi files... I'm guessing, but it seems to be related to how 'big' the score is... if I choose a longer note interval on the import (i.e. semi-quaver or longer) then it seems less likely to generate an mscz that is problematic..

FYI I'm using Musescore mostly for converting midi files into scores that I can use for playing with the clarinet....


I'm having the same problem with, but it's only happening on my Windows XP work machine. At home on my Vista machine, I haven't gotten this problem once, so I think it might be related to XP. It doesn't matter what score I open, it happens.

1 - Open MuseScore
2 - Open any score
3 - Close it (doesn't matter whether I hit the "X" on the score's tab, Ctrl-C, or chose Close from the menu)
4 - MuseScore crashes

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Again in a virtual machine, I've just installed 9.6.1 and it crashes on exit.
Also crashed when I did a change instrument on a stave.

Seriously considering stepping back to 9.6.0 which didn't seem to crash (as much)... I still had issues with that though.
Is there any information from the crash that might help identify where the problem is? Seems to be an exception in some module called accmpdata ( or something like that - could be called something similar - thta names from my imperfect memory)... that help at all?


I too have been running Musescore on Windows XP and have been plagued with the crashes in the latest releases. On my machine, I can't get reliable running of Musescore on any release after R3230. I have given the developers a test file that (I understand) runs on versions of Windows other than XP, but crashes when trying to close or reload on XP. I periodically download the nightly test versions, but so far (up through R3304) I have found that recent releases still crash on my machine. However, I trust that the gurus will ultimately uncover the cause of this latest glitch in Musescore. So at present I am content to run Musescore on my trusty release 3230, and I suggest that others just be patient as the debugging grinds away ...

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I followed the instructions for reverting to factory settings using your instructions on the 9.6.1 release. I got the Moussorgsky demo on running Musescore (which I had changed previously in preferences), so I'm sure the factory settings were obtained. I reloaded the demo, and everything was normal. I opened one of my test files and tried to reload it: Musescore crashed. Windows XP Media Edition SP3.

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I've only looked at score.cpp but it would seem that the destructor is taking responsibility for deleting objects it does not create or manage:

foreach(Element* e, _gel)
delete e;
foreach(Beam* b, _beams)
delete b;
foreach(Part* p, _parts)
delete p;
foreach(Staff* staff, _staves)
delete staff;
foreach(Page* page, _pages)
delete page;
foreach(System* s, _systems)
delete s;
foreach(Excerpt* e, _excerpts)
delete e;

Given that the crash I see is a null pointer exception.....

best regards,

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Is it possible for one of the developers to take responsibility for alerting us XP users about whether the reload/close crashing problem has been addressed? As it stands, I continually download nightlies only to find that the problem still persists. It would be nice to have some notification so we could avoid wasting time downloading software that still has the problem.

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If you see there hasn't been an issue opened regarding this bug, go to the issue tracker and file a bug report. Developers will see the issue and notify about updates by leaving comments in there. When the status of the issue is put fixed, you can go ahead and download the latest nightly.

my question is:

why the sound haven´t the correct attack?
the piano sound, start as a string, and not with a normal percussive attack.

Is editable?

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thanks for your answer.

my problem is permanent and i want to know if is a generic situation.

using all the soundfonts suggested in the soundfont section, i can to listen the sounds with an extended attack (refering to one of the four aspects in sound reproduction: attack, decay, sustain, release)

In mixer, i have reduced to cero all the effects; in synth the soundfonts changed; in preferences the i/o section modifyed (there is a crash problem when apply and accept changes), and nothing.

is possible to make better the latency?

i´m using both: ASIO and MME drivers, and there is a delay about 1/2 second playing my keyboard and listening the sound.



recently I installed on Windows (in Mandriva I see v. 0.9.5) and after installation I was surprised, because saw older version of translation file (if I was staring at it well :-), so I replaced it, and all became all right. So I am asking me, whether I sent the file: I thought, that I posted it here on forum.

I attach it again. Could anybody check it?

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I newly installed MuseScore in Windows - there is date "12. 7. 2010" seeing the files. I attach two screenshots:

The first image shows other texts in main menubar than second (mix of verbs and nouns) - after applying .qm from 16. 6. 2010, "older", file in locale folder, I am satisfied (in menubar are nouns - special style, how this bar is made - yes, I am able to do it, as I want :-):

"Soubor Upravit Vytvořit Noty Rozvržení Styl Zobrazení Plugins Nápověda"

Only "Plugins" arent translated (and I would like to see this item translated, of course :-)

The second, and according to me better translation work, and last I made, image has these menu items:

"Soubor Úpravy Tvorba Noty Rozvržení Styl Zobrazení Plugins Nápověda"

"Plugins" again.

So I think, that there is obvious secret between mentioned two time points and the results. And I am pretty sure, that I posted that file, and that you announced its merge with source.

Greetings, Sunny Summer, Pavel Fric

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yes, "plugins" menu item remains the same - untranslated. And it would be very nice to see it translated.

The main reason for post about that situation, what I wanted simply to say, is, that there is difference between displayed translated texts in these two screenshots in: 1) "Upravit Vytvořit" - distributed with installation package for from July, which was released later than: 2) "Úpravy Tvorba" - which was modified in June and according to all information merged earlier than released. So it would be supposed to be included right in Interesting. :-)

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I think I'm a little confused now. Can you confirm whether the qm file which you can download from the translation server at this moment is the right translation? (download the qm file and drop it into your MuseScore folder under locale)

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I tried it and can confirm, that the file downloadable from musescore "Translation" page is obsolete: I downloaded it from there, placed it in "locale" folder, and saw, that I made surely changes (file from 16. 6. 2010). I downloaded it exactly on tab "download" of "Translation" section: release: 0.9.6-2993. The result is, as seen and described under 1) of my previous post, and my wish is 2) (as I worked on the completion of file and think, that I translated almost all).

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Ok, I will take some time to look at it. It seems we should be able to find the inconsistencies by searching for the translated strings on the translation server. That's where the ts files are eventually coming from before being committed to the repository.

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Hi pfri,

I investigated the issue with the Czech translation. I concentrated on the difference between Upravit and Úpravy. Indeed, your ts file uses Úpravy for Edit in the menu, while the version uses Upravit. I did import your ts file in the translation server, but since there was already a translation available for Edit, it added Úpravy as a suggestion. And so, when searching for Edit in the Czech online translation, you'll find that Upravit is the published translation and Úpravy a suggestion (hit the star button to reveal suggestions).

There is a reason why imported ts files are not overwriting all the current translated strings and instead are being added as suggestion. It's for the sake of fueling discussion among translators about what will be the final translation of a word. So that's why the system works like this. I hope this makes sense. The translation server is here to collaborate.

Now in order to push your translation through, you need to filter for all the strings that have a suggestion attached, hit the star button to see the suggestion and finally approve it. I think there are 110 suggestions in the pipeline. It should be a 15 min job max.

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Hi, I made it (probably, but I am not sure if done with all suggestions, that were in interface shown at the beginning :-) I hope, that I didn't marked using "Save translation" button all remaining entries as "finished" :-).

Interestingly in case of "Move down" - there was "Posunout nahoru" - contrary meaning than it has - in .ts file, that I have saved on USB is it correct (?): correct translation is "Posunout nahoru".

Then I saw the button for saving translation, so I used it, and all entries, that remained on screen, if any, disappeared. So now the filter shows, that there are no suggestions. And I hope I saw them all (but I am not sure).

So I'll see in the future. The translation interfaces functions were discovered soon from me, but it brings some more questions about merging files and check - Now I am pretty unsure, that the content of translation on server and my last stored file are the same. As you explained, this behaviour (priority during merging) comes from philosophy of cooperation, and it is some kind of weakness of the conception (from my point of view, of course), when I am using special editor and its functions, and understand last version (with mispellings and meaning mistakes corrected) as result and goal of all effort.

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Correction: :-D

Interestingly in case of "Move down" - there was "Posunout nahoru" - contrary meaning than it has - in .ts file, that I have saved on USB is it correct (?): correct translation is "Posunout nahoru".

correct translation is "Posunout nahoru": Right it has to be "Posunout dolů". Typo coming from quick copying of text, when I didn't overwrote main part. Maybe I was surprised and confused from such big kind of typo. :-D

This is ridiculous! Twice now so far, there have been versions of musescore released for mac and windows, but not linux! (, and 0.9.6 RC1, see: ). The software is supposed to be cross-platform (mac, windows and linux) - let's keep it that way. As a linux user, it is really frustrating to be put off for the entirety of a month! This will lead to more linux-specific bugs.

In addition to the lacking linux support, I have heard absolutely nothing about the progress of for linux., besides that "linux users will have to wait for their distribution maintainers to make a package."

I am NOT blaming anyone, but I am simply expressing the absolute need for support for three platforms, not just two. If the program claims to support linux, let it be so!


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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for raising your voice. Indeed, for some Linux platforms, the builds are coming in much later than the Windows & Mac builds. This depends on various factors such as people, time, dedication and so forth. What I think we can do better it announce some time in advance when a new (bug fix) release will come out. Second, we'll try to email the maintainers directly because some may not be subscribed on the mailing list or simply miss it.

I guess it would be also a good thing to move this issue also upstream into the MuseScore Ubuntu tracker.

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I believe the plan is to package version for Linux and skip…

To be clear, the sources for building on Linux are released simultaneously with the Windows and Mac releases (see ). Sometimes it takes a little longer to package it for each flavor of Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.).

Thank you for following MuseScore closely and offering your perspective.

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