Repeat bar with Volta with Da Capo

• Jun 10, 2015 - 20:21

Measure 10: The repeat bar in the prima Volta is skipped during the D C
I specified 1,3 in the repeatlist.
Do I have to specify it otherwise?

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I think full-fleedged repeats after D.C. should be desirably the default. In most songs D.C. means only reproduce same structure form the begining (including repeats with voltas)

Do you know a workaround though? Can I for example make prima and secunda volta integrated into a bigger prima and secunda volta:
an example where I need this (because of one bar different ending)

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"In most songs D.C. means only reproduce same structure form the begining (including repeats with voltas)" - this is not correct according the standard conventions of music notation. Repeats are *not* to be taken by default. Only if an explicit indication to take repeats is given shoudl repeats be taken on the DC or DS. Of course, it would be nice if someday MuseScore provided the option of doing this. But do keep in mind, the primary purpose of MuseScore is the notation not the playback.

Sure as eggs are eggs, I've just encountered this. I want a "D.C. with repeats", but I do not believe this should be the default.
A solution good for the user's point of view would be to have an extra choice in Inspector between "Play until" and "Continue at", such as "With repeats" with a yes/no tick box. As it's possible to edit the text of D.C. (& D.S. etc) it is easy to add "with repeats" to it if you want to, which is what I've seen in some band scores.

Incidentally I see that a recently closed thread discussed the difficulty, in a score containing sections, with DC al fine etc not continuing to the next section. Another catch is the DC going back to the start of the score, not of the section. I've found no problem with these things (once having understood them!) because of ability in inspector to rename segnos.

My method:
- at the start of the section (e.g. the 3rd section) put a segno, rename it start3, and make it invisible
- rename the Fine within this section as fine3
- at the start of the next section, put a segno, rename it start4
- set the DC values in Inspector accordingly: Jump to start 3, play until fine3, Continue at start4
A similar approach can be taken to DS, or when a Coda is involved.

And here's a better-still version, which also overcomes the problem of section break pauses playing back on non-last repeats:
- add a bar to the end of the section (a bit fiddly to do, but that's another issue)
- optionally make this bar as narrow as possible, e.g. by reducing its actual duration to 1 beat and its end bar-line to single-line
- make this bar invisible (you have to untick the box for each staff in Bar Properties); also exclude from Bar Count
- in this now-invisible bar put the section break and set its pause to whatever you like
- also in this bar put an invisible segno and rename it to (e.g.) end3
- set DC values as above except Continue at end3
That way you get the section-break pause operating after the Fine and before the next section. Of course you also get a slightly indented right margin on the last system of the section (or not-so-slightly if you ignore the "optionally" bit above), because of the width of the invisible bar.

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