Repeat button in wrong way

• Jun 16, 2015 - 22:36

After many tries I found out: I have to switch off (!) the repeat button (background is dark) to play back repeats. See attached files.
Is this a bug or a speciality of my system?
MuseScore 2.0.1, Revision b25f81d
Windows 7 Pro

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Sorry, I did not describe that exactly.
Yes, that's the screenshot of "repeat on". In this state the repeats are performed during playback. But the background of the button is black.
At right is the button "Pan score during playback", which is white when on.
Thanks for reply!

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Unfortunately no. The program always behaves in the same way:

When I restart the program the repeat-button is always "on" (= white background), but repeats are not performed.

I have to switch off the repeat-button (= dark background) to play back the repeats.

But that's not that big problem for me. Now I know that this button has the contrary meaning (at least on my system). But it's interesting that a button can invert its behavior ... and I'm happy that this is the only one! - Thank you!

Yes, that's definitely the opposite of the way it works on my system (OS X). For me, repeats are played back when the button is depressed (the background is white).

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Thank you! That means: My MuseScore is a special one ... Ok, I hope, that that's the only speciality ...! (I have already written several scores with this MuseScore 2.0.1 and didn't meet any other problems - On the contrary: I admire all the features of this program!)

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Thank you! That solved the problem!

Interestingly this strange effect appeared again after I changed only a few settings (advanced palette, location of the inspector, behavior at start up)
Then I tried again and changed the settings step by step. And now I could not reproduce the error.

Thank you!

FWIW, I happened to stumble across the cause for this yesterday and fixed it for 2.0.2.

For the record, what happens is that the button itself always starts out in the "on" state, but if it was "off" when you last saved preference settings (by going to Edit / Preferences), then it really will be "off" even though the button says "on". So it starts off out of sync and remains so as you toggle it. You can fix this for now by making sure the repeats are on (*actually* on, so the button looks off), then going to Edit / Preferences, changing something inconsequential (might not be necessary, but just in case), closing the dialog, then restarting. Or just live with it until 2.0.2 :-). At that point, the repeats button will correctly initialize itself on startup, so it will be off if that's how you last saved preferences.

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