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• Jun 17, 2015 - 17:30

Hello All,

New here. I really want this software :) but the download fails. The error box is saying that Musescore is not a valid WIN32 application. Any takers?


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Hi, and thanks for your reply and also for the welcome. I'm running IE11 which I would think should be OK but maybe your right with using a different browser. Would you have a preference of say Firefox over Mozilla or does it matter?

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Hmm, I'm on Windows 7 too and also using IE11, When I try to download it offers rather than MuseScore-2.0.1.msi, this won't work indeed.

Trying with Chrome and it seems to work.

I guess if you download with IE and rename to .msi, then install from that it should work too?

Actually it really does download MuseScore-2.0.1.msi, so in your Downloads folder just double click that rather than use the 'open' in IE

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Hi everyone. First things first, I want to thank everyone just for being here and for providing the prompt response and support you have so generously extended to me.

Ok. I succeeded in booting Musescore! It does in fact download (TWICE now LOL!) even though there was no indication of it doing so. I cleaned house by deleting the second copy from the Downloads folder just for general streamlining.

While still in the Downloads folder I right-clicked on file and renamed the .man extension to ,msi (a brilliant and easy fix idea suggested by Jojo-Schmitz) and VOILA!! Up and running. So it didn't require a different browser in this case and it does seem to be a Windows kind of Catch22 issue. Windows 7 IE11 will download it, not tell you, and give you an error saying it can't run it. BUT! thanks to you smart folks, changing the file extension did the trick. Really appreciate you taking the time.


P.S. If the fix already isn't in the handbook for those not using Google Chrome it might be good to add it in ;)

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"For those not using Google Chrome" is something of a troubling statement, because I don't use Google Chrome, either. (Or, for that matter, Windows.) MuseScore (the Mac version) for me downloads perfectly fine in my preferred, highly mainstream, critically acclaimed and all-around best-existing-today browser, Firefox. ;-)

Windows 10 - download attempts of MuseScore-2.0.2.msi with Chrome, Firefox and jDownloader repeatedly fail.

It get nearly there and then "Failed - Network error". Four attempts all the same.

Antivirus real time protection is off

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