MuseScore 2.0

• Jun 18, 2015 - 07:49

Thanks to all for continuing to develop this excellent program. Three main issues: added dynamics and hairpins leap away from where they are put and have to be dragged back; moving control points on hairpins etc. with the arrows now takes forever; I had to print extra copies of some parts and when I looked them over, found that everything had moved around of its own accord.


Not this time, Jojo, parts were extracted from a fresh score created in 2.0. I've been on MuseScore for around four years so I'm pretty familiar with it. I did force-justify two lone bars at the bottom of the page with the Shift + ] strokes but the uncalled-for line breaks occurred higher in the page. I'm also struggling to place bar numbers at the start of each line in the parts. The score is OK with numbers every bar but I just get a lone number '9' half way down the extracted parts pages and nothing else. Spent around half an hour tying to solve this but time ran out. I've also found that conductors' marks come out huge on the parts but I can easily correct that now I know it happens. Thanks, JM.

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