Correcting a portuguese translation

• Jun 18, 2015 - 16:33

Dear Musescore Translation Satff,

i'd like to suggest a different translation for the:

Style >> Gerenal >> Fretboard Diagram

which in portuguese would be:

Estilo >> Geral >> Diagrama de Escala

Where is written "Espessura da Barra de Compasso", I suggest "Esperssura da Linha da Pestana". "Barra de Compasso" is the same of "Measure Bar". "Pestana" is the line that is designed by the only figer that covers three or more strings.

Best regards
Guilherme de Carvalho


Just join the Portuguese translators group on Transifex and change it yourself...
Be aware that there is Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil)

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