Reverb in 2.01

• Jun 22, 2015 - 05:16

When I adjust the reverb on an individual part using the mixer (I have an offstage brass part and wanted to change the reverb amount on those specific instruments, not the whole score) in MuseScore in 2.01, actual reverb amount on the part does not change (at least not perceptibly), even with the reverb knob turned all the way up. I have the effects on the synthesizer 'turned on' (for lack of a better way of phrasing it). I was wondering if I am missing something or if this is an issue currently in 2.01.


The reverb and chorus buttons in the mixer are not working currently. You can only change the master reverb in View > Synthesizer > Master effect

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Just my humble opinion:

I prefer the today reverb behaviour of MuseScore instead the past way.

The today reverb isn't saved when we ask a WAV transformation from inside MuseScore and, just my opinion, it is better than the past behaviour because when the musical piece ended, the reverb stopped inmediately when the time of the last notes was reached, which was a very ugly way to end a piece.

So, I prefer the today reverb way.

The only one way to perform an specific reverb to an specific instrument, would be outside MuseScore world (with an audio editor software, like Audacity). I insist, I prefer to do that outside MuseScore.



From what I understand, the per-channel effects *do* work if not using the internal syntehszier but instead use JACK to redirect the output to an external synthesizer. Not sure if that's more work to set uo than it's worth though.

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