Script Debugger - User Feedback ( console.log() )

• Jun 22, 2015 - 22:39

I have started to develop a small plugin and I am wondering, if it is possible to print feedback to the console in the debugger. I would like to output some variable values during the execution of a loop in the plugin.

In the internet I find the
console.log(...) and
commands, but they don't work.

I also tried to add
Import QtQuick 1.0
statement in the beginning of my script, but this gives me an error.

Can you help me on this?
Thanks a lot


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Hi jensm, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately this does not work, and it seems to have to do with the file name.
I am writing a .js file.
I found .qml files, where those import statements are used, but they seem to be a different kind of script and when I put such a file into the plugin folder, I cannot see it in the plugin menue.
Is there any other way to send messages for debugging to some kind of console or to make a popup in a .js file?

Regarding the qml file:
Is there a simple "how to" explanation for working with qml files?
From the internet I found that they are some kind of Qt dialog.
Currently I am fine with the js scripts, but my feeling tells me that I will need to understand those qml files, if I want to have user interaction.

Kind regards


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