Problem with notes being shifted when copying from one piece to another

• Jun 24, 2015 - 05:31

So I tried to copy all the notes from all staves from R2 to R3. They all copied correctly except the notes are all shifted in 3rd staff (guitar) from top. Why is that? Much appreciated as I hate to have to manually enter all the notes in that staff again. Much appreciated if someone can show me how to fix this quick.

On a side note, the acoustic guitar in the GM sf3 file that comes with musescore sounds like a harpsichord, not a guitar....


The notes are actually correct in the second score. Check the clef, which is the octave-transposing clef commonly used for guitar. All notes in this staff sound an octave lower than written. That's because the guitar itself sounds an octave lower than written. The low "E" on a guitar is octave almost two octaves below middle C, even though it is written only a few ledger ledgers lines below the staff. And the high "E" string for guitar is only just barely above miuddle C, even though it is written on the top space of the staff.

So the line you have written is actually extremely high on the guitar. The "C#" you are starting with, for example, is very high up the neck on the highest string. Also, you are using the "Steel String Guitar" sound according to the mixer. Presumably you'd like one of the other sounds better, like the Nylon String Guitar. But it will still sound quite thn because those are extremely high notes on the guitar.

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But if I change the staff 3 instrument in R3 back to piano, the notes still look high on the staff but seems to sound fine just like in R2. Really weird...

Any way to make the appearance looks consistent like the original pdf score without these weird note shifts?

Btw, I changed to SGM v2.01 sf2 and the electric guitar and piano sounds much more like the real thing now...

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Nm. I made a new score with the treble and bass clef of piano added separately. So now the notes copied over correctly and this would allow changing the intrument for the trebble clef also..

Here's what it looks like

I use the SGM v2.01 sf2 with it.

Only question I have is to improve the performance of the piece like what it supposes to be, the last note of measure 57 (G) needs to get stretched out a little longer than an eighth note. Right now it ends really abruptly. Any suggestion to do this without causing a lot of destructions to the overall piece?

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