Selection and visibility issue. May cause crash on closing file?

• Jun 26, 2015 - 18:54

See attached file. Instructions also in file.

Select the lone (system-spanning) tie. Use "select all similar elements" then press "V" to make invisible. All the ties disappear except the tie you clicked on!

Now undo invisibility and untick the "visible" option in the Inspector instead. This time ALL the ties become invisible!

When I tried to close the file after this operation the program crashed.

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select_visible_issue.mscz 13.96 KB


I suspect the issue with "V" is that it is a toggle operation, and the tie has an even number of segments, so visibility is toggled off and then on again. There were a number of similar issues with toggle operations failing on elements with an even number of sub-elements fixed before release of 2.0; perhaps a similar solution would work here. Worth filing a bug report. The "Visible" checkbox works because it isn't a toggle - it sets everything explicitly the same way.

I don't see a crash on close, but if you can find precise steps to reproduce starting from the moment you open the file, please file a bug report!

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