Playback problem

• Jun 29, 2015 - 22:39

When I tried to play back the attached score from bar 1, from bar 6 it starts to go wrong, becoming diffused sounds, seeming to have difficulty in loading. How could I fix it?

The problem seems to be less severe if I start with bar 5 in playback.

Does this suggest that the problem is about the computer not having enough RAM to load the playback audio, or what?

Please help.

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Symphony No 3.mscz 28.37 KB


Could indeed be a resource issue. You could try loading a smaller soundfont instead of the default - see the Handbook udner Soundfont, and maybe give GeneralUser GS a shot.

I have tried the GeneralUser soundfont, but the same problem recurs...
Is there any other thing I could try with this type of issues?

By the way I tried amending the score, here is the new version. The problem is still there, but seems to be less severe with one fewer harp glissando

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Symphony No 3.mscz 28.59 KB

Update: just tried using the new soundfont, and then the old, and then switching back and forth for several times, and then tuning up and down the volume in Musescore, and the problem seems to be solved for now. I would see if there is more problem when I put more content into the file.


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