Hidding staves and missing barlines

• Aug 17, 2010 - 13:08

1.Start new choir score.
2.Write some notes
3. Span barlines across all staves
3 Break system in order to have at least to systems
4. Add new staff (i.e. alto) and place it somewhere between existing staves
5. Add some notes
6. Go to Style - Edit Style and mark Hide empty staves
Bug: Some barlines and even staff bracket are disappeared
Look add examples: before, after.
I also posted some of my score with this problem if anyone knows what can I do to fix it - please help I have a deadline.

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Well, I have no idea why this happens. However, I use the "Hide empty staves" feature often and I never had this problem. I do not extend bar lines across staves, though.

Have you tried to restore bar lines for individual staves and see if the problem persists or disappears? This may be a useful hint for the developers.


In fact restoring barlines for individual part only didn't solved all the problems. After reloading I noticed that now there are some missing bracket. On some systems they are visible and on some they aren't (look at the missing-bracket.png).
I tried to reestablish the bracket placing it once more on one of the invalid systems and this solved the problem temporalily. However, after saving and reloading the brackets are still missing, and it looks rather chaotic - some systems are O.K and some aren't.
Maybe this is related to lyrics issue, because this is choir score?
Any help will be greatly appreciate.

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I have the same problems.
The Bar lines disappeared when y set on the option " Hide Empty Staves."

In the included file you can see the problem.

I thank you in advance for your kind help


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Try to:
1. Go to Style -> Edit Style -> Score and uncheck Hide empty staves
2. Change the measure properties i.e. extend measures only for individual staves (don't extend for a whole system)
3. Now, apply Hide empty staves
The measures should be visible now, although it won't look like it should. It's just a workaround.
Good luck.

Another quicker work-around, but one that looks much less professional is to move the staves/staffs that are often hidden to be positioned below a staff that will be visible all the time. So my solo voice appears on the bottom of my SATB staffs instead of on top where it would normally belong. Quick and sloppy, but hey it works.

My current work-around for this is to make a one-line instrument staff (like a snare part or something) as the uppermost instrument part and then make it invisible, using invisible notes within the part to keep it on the page after "hide empty staves" in enabled.

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See the posts above. There are a known bug that occurs if the first staff of a system is hidden. Also I think if the last staff is hidden. You might want to test usng a nightly build of the still-in-development 2.0 to see if your your particular problem still exists, and if so, submit an issue to the tracker along with a sample score and steps to reproduce.

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