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• Jul 6, 2015 - 20:16

Since it looks like Sibelius is slowly dying and that MuseScore for the nonce is the best alternative (at least until we see what Spielberg concocts) I have been exporting Sibelius big band files to XML and opening them in MuseScore. For some unknown reason each file opened has the following faults: the baritone sax staff shows up two octaves higher than it should be; all instruments are set to play the sound of a Yamaha piano so I am obliged to go to mixer and manually reset the sound to the appropriate instrument. Why are these things happening and what can be done to fix it? Thanks anybody!!
Donald R. Fleischner


Posting one of the specific files you are having problems with would help. Probably, Sibelius has not exported the clef or sound information properly, but maybe they are just doing it some uncommon but not technically incorrect way. Are you using the built in export or the Dolet plugin? I'm told the latter is better.

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Using MuseScore 2.0.2 revision f51dc11 with Windows 7.

I too have a problem importing files from Sibelius. The Sibelius MusicXML file shows as follows:
<software>Sibelius 7.1.3</software>
<software>Direct export, not from Dolet</software>
<encoding-description>Sibelius / MusicXML 3.0</encoding-description>

MuseScore obviously has trouble handling the file and sometimes crashes without any error message. And even when the file is opened, there are many errors such as missing noteheads, and some lines (e.g. octavo mark) not terminating but continuing to the end.

The file was supplied to me as uncompressed *.xml, so for uploading to the forum I have compressed it into a zip file.

I know it's probably impossible to get Sibelius changed, but it's still interesting to know where the fault lies.

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The file opened for me on my iPad in Notion. It appears that you are using multiple voices in some parts. Rests are sitting too high while stems in the same measure are reversed. Easily fixed.

It looked much better when I opened it in Finale 2014d on my iMac. Still, a few things need fixing and I don't need to see the original file to see this.

I'm glad to see MuseScore making progress but as a serious replacement for Sibelius? No. It lacks way too many features that many professionals require.

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