• Aug 24, 2010 - 14:32


I seem to miss signs for long and short falls.

For short falls i use the "bracket tips down" - which I in fact do not know what is meant for??
problem it does not copy together with the note - but it can be copied separately.

For long falls i use slur, and draw it so it looks right. Problem here is that it does not keep the appearance if you move the note up or down or transpose it. And it cannot be copied.

What do others use for falls ??



I also use the straight line at the bottom of the "Lines" palette. It can be dragged to a note and dropped. After I manually move it to the right of the note, I then double click it, and it gives a box on each end. I drag the right box down, and it makes a straight line fall away from the note. It's a little tedious, and I sometimes tend to just print my parts/score, take a pen, and draw a fall in by hand.

I would really love to see this function added to MuseScore at some point.

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Thanks for all the information.
I look for more information on the internet and find som information about falls and doits in the lilypond documentation. Apparently a fall looks like a slur without ending so a workaround could be to add a slur, double click it and move the last handle, like ph does. It does copy paste if you copy the first note and second note of the slur.

In next version, I know there will be support for bends on guitar, and apparently bends are more or less the same than fall on wind instrument (?) Correct me if I'm wrong. So it might be a good way to have support for falls as well. What do you think?

I had expected falls and doits to be included in since the have been present in nightlies for some time ??


So is there an estimate as to when the next major version, including falls and doits, is slated for release? I just ran into this problem within the last few nights.

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