Human "mood" playback

• Jul 12, 2015 - 21:05

Hi, gang!!!

I wonder if there is a simple command to get a more close to human "Mood" playback of some pieces.

For example, look at the attached file, a very good known masterpiece from Bach.

MuseScore plays it so good... mathematically speaking.

So, my question is about: How could we put a random delay time on the first note of each measure, without to have to put a tempo change instruction on each measure? ???

Is it possible? ???




Unfortunately, there is no "simple command"—but I can suggest a way to get what you want for this specific case.

1) Select the first note of each measure (by clicking on one, than [Ctrl]- or [Cmd]-clicking on each of the others).

2) Double-click the fermata in the Articulations & Ornaments palette.

3) Secondary-click on any of the fermatas that have now been added to the score, and in the context menu go to Select and choose All Similar Elements.

4) In the Inspector, uncheck the box for "Visible" and set a value for "Time stretch"—try 1.5 to start with.

It's a little roundabout, but it gets the result you specified.

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I see your way.

Well, I will have to do it, hehehehe.

BTW: I was talking about to add a "simple" command to tell MuseScore gnome that add (or substract) a little random amount of time from the "mathematically" perfect time duration of each note (which is the reason human playback is "human playback", no way to reproduce the same music exactly the same all times)

Let me dream, please!!! Hahahaha!!!!



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