Trills w/ Flats

• Jul 17, 2015 - 19:36

Hello People!

It's me again. Since Musescore 2.0.2 came out, I use trills much more often. Now, I happen to stumble on a trill with flats in it (Like those trill signs with a flat sign written over it). I'm wondering how to incorporate that into Musescore. Any help anyone?

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Place the trill as usual
Click on the note
[Ctrl] t
F2 and double-click on a flat symbol
Close the symbols box
Click on the symbol and move it into position with mouse or Inspector

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Exactly the same as described above - using staff text and the F2 special characters palette. Just use a natural sign. Although musically, it might actually be more appropriate to use the flat sign - indicating Fb - than a natural sign, which might be misinterpreted as meaning F natural. That's kind of up to you to decide based on the context.

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You meant the playback? Trills are always on a single note only; they are not "between" notes. So the trill is on the A; the Bb is there fore notation purposes only. It does playback but not as part of the trill.

If for some reason correct playback is important to you, you could enter the entire trill manually (eg, as sixteenth notes) and hide the extra notes.

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