How do you customise the trill playback feature?

• Jul 18, 2015 - 20:42

Since the release of 2.0.2 we now have the playback of ornaments:
"Playback of trills and other ornaments as well as glissandi and bends, with controls to customize or disable the effect"

My question is if you can customise how trills work in playback and how you can do it?


Click the ornament and see the options in the Inspector. There are different options for different ornaments. For trill, the two options are "Default" and "Baroque". I believe the difference is which note starts the trill. For more information, see the discussions leading up this, such the one here:

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Thanks. I had noticed that already. I was just wondering if you could choose exactly how the trill was intended to be played (what notes, how many notes, the duration, etc.).

I think I found a bug. It's a case where I'm trilling a note in the right hand but the notes from the right hand have been brought down into the left hand staff (using ctrl-shift-down). This seems to cause unwanted effects with ornamentation. I suppose one way around it for now would be to keep the right hand in the right hand staff when I want to use trills.

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