Explosive accents on Guitar part with linked tab staff

• Jul 21, 2015 - 19:35
S4 - Minor

OS X v 10.10.4, Musescore version 2.0.2 revision f51dc11

I had an existing chart (attached) that had a guitar part that mixed musical notation and chord slashes. My guitar player reads music, but not as quickly on the guitar, and thought I would use the handy dandy link tab staff to help him (I kept a separate guitar staff for use in rehearsals).

I noticed that when I copied the notes from the regular electric guitar staff that the chords which had accents on them (not the slash chords but the ones with the musical notation) had multiple accents (see screenshot #1). I figured it was a copy and paste problem, but deleting one deleted both.

No problem, I'll just delete the accent and put a new one on. However, when I did that I received a rather unexpected result (see screenshot #2 before the accent placement, screenshot #3 after).

I tried a different chord and got the same result (see screenshot #4). In fact any grouping in that staff causes the same explosion of accents (as far as I was able to test).

Clearly there should only be one accent placed!


Somehow your score has become corrupt in that the "Practice Guitar" staff is linked to 60+ other staves. Or, to be more precise, it is linked to the same staff 60+ times. I don't suppose you have any insight into how this might have happened?

You can fix your score, I think, by deleting the tab version of the Practice Guitar staff and then adding it back.