my spacer attempts don't work at all

• Jul 22, 2015 - 11:09

I can't seem to drag a spacer to a measure and have it work. In earlier versions of Musescore I used spacers quite a bit for scores with many staves, but in 2.0 I haven't successfully gotten one to actually appear below the measure when I've dragged it there. I've tried many times.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Is there something that's different in 2.0 than in earlier versions?

Thanks for any help!


Have you tried to select the measure and double-click on the spacer in the palette?
If there are problems attached the score or a score of example.

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Shoichi --

I just tried to select the measure, then dbl-click on the spacer, as you suggested. Nothing seemed to happen.

We're supposed to see the little spacer-arrow on the score page, right? And we can dbl-click on it and arrow it up or down?

Anyway, attached is the score I'm working on now.

Extra spacing below the Soprano, Alto and Tenor voices is needed (measures 45 to 50). Also below the A-clarinets, French horns, and bassoon (from measure 51 for several measures).

Thanks for your quick reply, and for addressing my issue.

16 Alice's Song (pages for Musescore help).mscz


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Shoichi --

I would never have found those methods. Thank you much. I think I'll probably use the Staff Properties-"Extra distance..." method, as it looks like there's more control with it.

Is updating to 2.0.2 the effort that updating 1.3 to 2.0 is?

Thanks again.

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My experience, after wasting the whole afternoon trying -- and finally failing -- to install 2.0.2, is that it isn't easy. More like impossible. Of course I'm just a poor composer, not a computer programmer.

I've depended on Toby Smithe's .deb files for a long time to install Musescore. They always work and they don't have misleading Readme files! I'm hoping he has the time to produce one for 2.0.2 before too long.


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Huh? If there is no 2.0.2 .deb, then of course there's nothing to install (and finding that out shouldn't take a whole afternoon?), but if there is, it should be real easy. Building a 2.0.2 from source though is a different thing... not really black arts but not easy either.
Well, at least it is very easy on Windows, just download the .msi and install, it replaces 2.0 or 2.0.1 and just works.
Also I though you were concerned about the implication of the upgrade after the upgrade, reading and working pre 2.0.2 scores in 2.0.2, and there are really none.

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EDIT: I posted more or less the same as Jojo; our posts crossed.

Basically, installing 2.0.2 is indeed easy *if* an official package exists for your particular OS. It wasn't clear you were talking about an OS for which no such package exits. And indeed, it wasn't clear you were talking about the installation itself anyhow.

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