How to enter long jazz chords?

• Jul 26, 2015 - 09:01

My jazz piano teacher writes chords on jazz score such as Fmi7,+4,13 or G7,13,9 or F#b7+5-9. How to input these in Musescore? All the description is limited to only simple chords with one number after base note name, such as F7 or Gb7. I'm able to input additional number only if it is sharp or flat, but not natural, for instance C7b9 displayed properly, but not C7,9 (9 is neither flat nor sharp).
In general I want to be able to list all the notes in a chord, such as G7,5,9,13,4. How does one input this?
Thank you in advance, Victor


First, I hope you've read:

tl;dr is that you select a note or rest, and type Control->K and then just type in the chord name as you have spelled out. Some special characters: "0" (zero) means min7b5, written as a 0 with a slash. "t" means major seven spelled as a triangle. "-" means minor.

Second, I hope you've figured out to select a Jazz template (e.g. Jazz Lead Sheet) when you create a score, so that your jazz chords symbols look cool.

Third, I think most of those chords pretty much will display OK when you type them in (in that the extensions will all be written as superscript after the root), althought as I mentioned in my comment in your other post, I suggest using simpler spellings for these chords you listed if you intend a performer to read them on the spot. But sounds like you are still in learning phase, so it is fine for you to spell them all out with commas.

C7,9 should display fine in the current version of MuseScore. So should all the chords you list, actually. except maybe F#7b7+5-9 which appears to be a typo - I don't think you meant to have both "#b" next to each other like that?

I'm guessing maybe you are still trying to use 1.3 or some older version? Definitely update to the current version, 2.0.2.

VT, regarding "F#b7+5-9", standard jazz convention is to assume that the 7th's interval is a minor 7th by default, so that "b" is unneccesarry and confusing. Additionally, I never see the interval of minor 9th be written as "-9" but almost always see it written as "b9". So I would recommend typing: F#7+5b9

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