Number of instruments exceeding page limit

• Jul 27, 2015 - 22:05

I am not sure if this has been suggested before.
For the next version of Musescore, could there be a way for MS to automatically resize the page to show all instruments that exceed the vertical limit of the page, either when adding new instruments to an existing score or importing files through midi or mxl.

I know I can manually change the page size, and is not all that big a deal to do so, as for myself, I do not come across this need very often, but there may be others who may find it beneficial to have this enabled.

Not being a programmer, I don't not know the difficulty of adding such a feature, but would welcome any discussion on pros and cons of such a feature.

Thank you.


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Thank you Marc, after reading the comments, there was something that I did not take into account, the printed page size, I was mainly concerned with the on screen display and failed to take the other into consideration.
I take it then that setting the page size also affects how it is printed on paper as well as the on screen display?
I may have to do a rethink.

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Page size is indeed meant to set the actual printed size. The screen simply reflects what will eventually be printed. If you don't wish to increase the page size, then instead of increasing the page size, you need to make your staves smaller. That's not necessarily very practical when you go to print - the staff size required in order to fit in entire orchestra onto a sheet of US Letter or A4 paper would be pretty hard to read. These are judgement calls that MuseScore really cannot make for you, which is I think the main reason why no automatic adjustment takes place currently.

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