Automatically adjust staff space to fit instruments on page

• Jun 15, 2016 - 04:02
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I put a screenshot of the problem below.

It would be nice if we could get an automatic system for spacing and sizing staves that go off the page so that way they fit on the page without the user having to fix it manually under Layout>Page Settings...>Then under "Scaling" changing the spacing of the staves to make them fit on the page.

I usually use anywhere from 1 instrument to 30 at once. And when ever I go over about 16 or so the staves go off the page and start on the second page. (as seen in screenshot, there are 20 staves, while some are off the page.) It would be great to have an option to have our scores start on the first or second(or third if someone wants to put info inside) so that way they can have like a page cover in a way. For some people, like me, I don't need it but I would like my scores to start on the first page but I make large scores and they always go to the second page and don't fit on the pages anyway.

Then like I said above, an automatic system which, when the score is first loading the score and staves, will automatically space the staves equally on the page where they will all fit and still be able to fit title, composer, arranger, copyright, etc. This would make scoring much more efficient so no one has to do this at the beginning of making a score. And to note this happens every time, I have tried and tried but you will always have to adjust the score spacing every time you make a new one.

Thank You for Reading!

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For what it's worth, the "staff space" distance is not about the distance between staves; it's about the distance between the five lines in a staff.

There seem to be a couple of other requests mixed in here with this one—something about making cover pages, and something about spreading out the distance between staves to fill a page? Those should be kept track of separately from this.

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You could say there are 2 but I see 1. To be able to fix scaling basically for staves so they don't go off the page and start on the second when we don't want that. (I said some do like to start on the second page because some add covers, not saying to add that as a special feature.)

You can already add content before the first line of music, including empty frames and page breaks, thus allowing you to start on whatever page you like. In any case, any automatic feature to add more space before the first syste, is definitely a totally separate thing from automatic sizing or spacing, so if you would like that request to not get lost, you should open a separate feature request for it.