squeeze the rasgueado in

• Jul 29, 2015 - 09:53

Hi there,
any ideas on how i could try to squeeze the last bar with the rasgueado onto the previous page, please?

I made the noteheads small in the inspector.
I tried removing the line break, selecting the last bar and ¨add less stretch¨ but so far i only make a mess.

Also i need a d under the downstroke so would like to add a ¨d¨ to the fingering (pimacd) but i do not find how to... (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/fingering-0)
Thank you!



In Layout -> Page settings, reduce the scale until it fits?
For fingerings, use one of the pimac, put it in the score, double click it and enter d.

Making noteheads small doens't change spacing; it merely makes the noteheads smaller. Making the whole *chord* small (notehead + stem etc) can, but not by much. Really, you just need smaller music in general, which is what the suggestion above does. You can help the process by reducing the minimum note distance in Style / General / Measure, but you'll still need to reduce the size as well.

Thank you both for the input!
I do not want to reduce the scale because i have more pieces in the same size.
So i just wrote it by hand :)

For the fingering: yes that is what i did, use one and change it to d. But next time i will have to do it again so i just wondered if one could add a symbol...

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You actually *can* get it to fit without changing the overall size. First, of course, remove the line break at the end of the second-to-last measure. Then go to Style / General / Measure and set Spacing to 1sp, Minimum note distance to 0.1sp. Then set the *chord* property of all the notes to Small.

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