Half diminished symbols

• Jul 29, 2015 - 22:07

Hello! I tried to type in zero for the half diminished symbol, but it is turning into a fully diminished symbol. I understand mi7b5 is the same thing, but the half diminished sign looks and reads very nicely. Can someone help me?


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Works fine for me - the 0 turns into a half-diminished symbol when you complete entry of the chord. You're using a very old version of MsueScore, but this much at least worked even back then (much else has been fixed and improved, though, so definitely update if you want best results).

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The 0 should only be understood as half-diminished when entered in a context where it would normally be understood as that - right after the root. Eg, C0 will convert to half-diminished, but C7text-including-a-0 will not. It's possible some previous versions had bugs where the 0 would convert in situations where it should not and that these bugs were fixed.

One special case that came up is a couple of people who wanted to notate his half-diminished chord as Cm0. That's not standard, and I think the previous bug caused that "work" but it doesn't anymore. We may eventually make a special allowance for that case if there are enough people needing it. But in any case, you can always force a half-diminished or other symbol to appear anywhere within the chord symbol using the F2 "Special Characters" palette (see the Chord Symbols section of the Musical Symbols tab).

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Is there a straightforward way to enter the ø in just ordinary text (such as in a Text Frame)? I want to be able to use it in text for exercises in which I'm trying to give my students examples of possible chord symbols. I was able to do a workaround by copying and pasting text from Word. But, I was wondering if there's a way to accomplish this solely in MuseScore.

Late to the replies but I came across this as well. Fixed it by going to Format > Style > Chord Symbols. Select Appearance > Jazz. Click OK.

I just tried and it did not work so I was going to just go back with a black pen and put a line through it. I typed in the next chord symbol and it automatically corrected to a half dim symbol. I already had the notes underneath on the staff.

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It's not clear exactly what you tried - you have a score created in a recent version of MuseScore, and you added a chord symbol to it with Ctrl+K, and typed a valid half-diminished chord symbol like C07, but the half-diminished symbol didn't appear? If so, probably something is wrong in the score, like maybe it was originally created in an extremely old version of MuseScore, from before this support was present. In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach the score and describe the problem in more detail.

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I was responding to Marbuf would wrote the orginal question. I did type control k and put 0 in the text box. It did not change to the half dim symbol so went on the next chord. After finishing the next chord the previous chord that was supposed to be half dim changed automatically. I am content it worked. I do not know which version I have but I really like it. Thank for trying to help me!

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You wrote:
I typed in the next chord symbol and it automatically corrected to a half dim symbol...

The text you type displays exactly how it is typed. Once you complete the entry then advance to enter the next chord (or press Enter, or press Esc), does the text automatically get transformed into ø (or Δ, or superscript, etc.).

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