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• Jan 3, 2009 - 09:03

I hope that this is the right forum for posting this...

My name is Etienne Snyman, and I was very glad to find Muse Score which is an excellent replacement to Sibelius which is too expensive for me to use. However, I had no end of problems trying to hear my playback and save files on my Ubuntu (not Ubuntu-Studio) system. I have always been wary of Timidity and, since getting a new PC, have not installed it. I have attempted to use Qsynth, but to no real effect.

Just recently, I managed to set up the JACK Audio Connection Kit (package: "qjackctl") and have since not had any problems playing music back that I have written in Muse Score.

In the MScore Manual, however, I did not find easy-to-follow instructions to get MIDI sound working. I have since put together some step-by-step instructions for the technologically challenged such as myself, and posted it on my own site's forum (…).

Would it be possible to add such simple instructions for people like me who are used to Windows and related programs? In the past, I did email someone on the MScore team regarding my interest in helping write a manual, but I think I deleted those emails by mistake before I got round to getting stuck in...



Thomas Bonte runs the web site so you'll have to ask him for the rights to edit the handbook pages (if you don't already see edit links at the top of the page when you are logged in).

At the moment I am the main contributor to the English documentation. As a Windows user I have been unable to add any Linux-specific instructions except what I hear second-hand. Another contributor (especially from a Ubuntu/Linux background) would be helpful.

As far as MuseScore and MIDI on Linux I've heard that PulseAudio works the best but instructions for both PulseAudio and JACK would be helpful in the documentation.

Etienne, A user copied your instructions over to the handbook (see Installation ). From your comments at the top of this thread it sounds like you would be fine with your instructions being used there. If you have any objections let us know.

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Sure! Unfortunately, those instructions are a little out-dated, as some of the steps are not necessary. So please, compare them first to the new comments in my How-To on my website (…) and see which ones are more useful. I wish that I had more time to get involved in writing the handbook, and I apologize that I have not just devoted an hour or so a week to it, but I am also involved in another project that needed translation.
Perhaps I can give suggestions in a few weeks when I am on study break!

One can set up Muse Score either with Jack (my old how-to) or without (my new how-to), so I figure it's your judgment call!

Perhaps a Pusleaudio how-to would also be in order, but first I will need to understand Pusleaudio itself... I'm not very good with computers...

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