Timbres of Heaven Issue

• Jul 30, 2015 - 18:36

Hi, gang!!!

I want to know if this is a general issue or something specific on my home: When I use the "Timbres of Heaven" SoundFont file, The Bandoneon, and other ethnics instruments sound totally distorted (not about volumen) and out-of-pitch (something like a rare upper blend).

I tested it on 4 different computers and the results is the same.

BUT... I tested it with Polyphone soundfont editor and those sounds are so fine!!!

So... I guess it is something between MuseScore (2.0.0 in my case) and that soundfont file.

Also, when I ask a timbal tremolo, all the piece sounds absolutely distorted and faltering.

All these problems aren't present when I use other soundfont files.

Is it just a crazy behaviour only here? ???

Or, Is it some general issue? ???

Is there some way to work around it? ???

Greetings & Blessings!!!!!!!


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