Good SoundFonts for dramatic/trailer music?

• Aug 2, 2015 - 02:26


I have been creating what would technically be called 'trailer music', meaning that it is supposed to be epic, dramatic and powerful. Many of the SoundFonts I have downloaded are better suited to more peaceful orchestra songs, so, my question is this:

Do you know of any good dramatic orchestra SoundFonts, and if so, what are they?

Thanks in advance,

- M Clasper


Unfortunately, you will have to pay for what you are describing.
There are a variety of free soundfonts, but none that I know of have what I would consider an 'epic' sound. There are lots of good VST instruments and other similar technologies with what you are describing, they are all very expensive however (and only compatible with MuseScore through JACK).
There are some exceptions, Sonatina's percussion and the Roland Orchestral Rhythm sounds have some big crashes on cymbal and tamtam and have boomy bass drums.
If you want a really big pipe organ sound, check out Jeux D'Orgues 2 (NOT 1.4), the Grand Plein Jeux is very good.
here's a link for the organ:…

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