Tuplet entry inconvenient

• Aug 2, 2015 - 23:01
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Present scheme of entering tuplets is inconvenient.
Example: triplet occupying 1/4 note time.
Present procedure: select 1/4 note time, enter Ctl-3, enter the 3 notes of the triplet.
Inconvenience: After the above sequence, the current note length has become 1/8;
so if you want to enter another 1/4 note triplet, you have to re-set the note length
to 1/4. Since this is a common occurrence, the extra step is annoying.
Suggestion: Preserve the current note length over insertion of a tuplet. This could be a
selectable option, to cater for anyone who likes the present scheme.


Another option, to do this in bulk, is to create a bunch of 1/4 rests throughout a part, then select them all and press ctrl+3. They all become tuplets.

Other options:
- In the case of many triplets quasi-systematic (this can happen in some scores): create an empty triplet → select it, like the image below → Repeat (shortcut "R") as many times as necessary.

- Second option, piecemeal into a score, my absolute favorite!

An example: you want to enter a triplet + a quarter note + again a triplet, etc.

As before, create an empty triplet -> select it -> right-click -> Copy (it remains in buffer) ->
Mode "N" -> input notes of your triplet, and then the quarter note.

For the next triplet, leave the "N" mode -> select the next rest -> right-click -> Paste -> A new triplet is available → "N" mode, etc.
The only limit is to "play" with the "N" mode, but it's really better (according me) than repeat the process Ctrl + 3 (eg in the case of triplets)