lyrics - two syllables squashed together under a single note

• Jan 7, 2009 - 19:23

Wondering if there is a way to enter the "curved ligature" character that is used when two syllables are "elided" (or "squashed") together under a single note in MuseScore (terms found by searching Google). Thanks, unknownscribe


MuseScore does not yet support the "lyric slur" or "elision" or whatever you want to call it. However you can fit two syllables under the same note without the lyric slur. Use ctrl+space to add a space between two syllables without going on to the next note.

I added the special unicode character U+203f to the text palette (rev. 1420). I'm not sure that this is the complete solution because i think the tiny slur should overlap the characters before and after a little bit but maybe this is only a problem of the font i used.

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I used U+035C (sans) under Linux, and a Ctrl space, which give the herebelow appearance:

bue-na͜ ho-ra

or Ctrl space and U+035C
bue-na ͜ho-ra

the overlaps indeed are not perfect....

it seems I use a palette older than 1420.....wher can I fin the numero of the revision I use?

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U+035C works indeed better. Its in revision 1421 now. The revision number is shown in the mscore dialog Help->About. You must compile mscore yourself from the subversion repository to get this latest revision (or wait for the next prerelease :-)

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You can get an evenly spaced elision (lyric slur) by using U+035C with non-breaking spaces on either side:

bue-na ͜ ho-ra
te ͜ es-pan-te

You have to use fonts that correctly support it. On Windows Vista or later there is Calibri or Cambria. On Linux DejaVu Sans works (although the elision is slightly wider than normal).

In MuseScore type Ctrl+Space then enter the elision character using the F2 text symbol palette then type Ctrl+Space a second time.

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