Dynamics not appears.

• Aug 3, 2015 - 15:04

Hello everybody !

I reinstall Windows 8.1 and musescore (MuseScoreNightly-2015-07-27-1308-7f58e9f). But i have a problem, dynamics don't appear. They are create, but not visible. I don't know if it is a problem with this version...

Oh, and just a suggestion: is it possible to create a "reprise" (sorry I don't know the word in english: it is the sign for repeat the measure), but for two measure ?

Thank you !


f for forte ou p for piano doesn't appears, I can't see them, they are invisible, like if they are written in white ink. But I can clic on them and erase it, and the case 'invisible' is not chek.

(sorry for my bad english!)

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That does indeed hint at having some MuseScore fonts installed (and in an outdated version) rather than letting MuseScore use the builtin ones. Check your computer for any fonts with Bravura, BravuraText, mscore or MScoreText in their name and remove them (on Windows typically in C:\Windows\Fonts)

I haven't this fonts ! But if I change "Police du texte musicale" in "General", "Elementaler" for "Bravure, Gonville or Musejazz", it works.

I see the very same thing in my environment, Windows 8.1 commit 7f58e9fa2c9

The culprit is indeed commit 7f58e9fa2c9 since 22a79457a9 behaves as expected, but I can't understand what is different with respect to the previous situation. Maybe the fact that before "forte" was defined as "f" character and now it is unicode E522?
But this does not happen for example for the character "mezzo" which was "m" before.

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