Can't attach files to forum post: "Browse..." button won't work

• Aug 4, 2015 - 23:54

I am unable to attach files in forum posts via the "Browse..." button. I click the button and nothing happens. Is there another way to attach files?


On my system at leas,t there is no button labelled "Browse" - just one labelled "Choose File", that appears after clicking "File attachments". Is that the one you mean? What browser are you using, on what OS? Can you try a different browser?

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Not sure of your settings for your Win7 or Firefox, I have the same (similar) settings of 7 and Firefox.
The browse button works as it should, bringing up a Windows explorer box to allow me to choose the file for upload.
Is your browse button grayed out, or is it the darker color with "Browse" in bold text?

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Hi Marc, I too have the upload page bring up the "Browse" button and not the "Choose File" button, which to my mind, makes a lot more sense.
This is on both XP with Firefox and Win7 with Firefox, never tried it with Explorer or any other browser.
Unlike the OP, I do not have any problems with uploading files, there may be some settings in his Firefox browser that could be stopping him from activating the button.
I, at one stage, did have that same problem on other web sites, a disabled link, but a browser addon was found to be the problem, long since deleted from the browser.

I have tried to attach a file to a post, and it doesn't work. No add-ons or extensions are running. I'm on an iMac computer and tried using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

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