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• Sep 25, 2010 - 11:36
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I'm writing a music method and i have a couple of request to make. I not sure i can post several propositions. Sorry if I cannot.
1) When you color a note, you can still see the line of the score in transparency. Would it be possible to have a plain colored note?

2) Would it be possible to automatically attribute a color to a note (only for the plain notes, not the sharp and the flat notes)
3) Would it be possible to make a color choice within the PANTONE colors range ( because the method book is gonna be printed)

3) About the note names. Will it be possible to select a whole group of note names (the letters) in order to be able to diplace them all at the same time.

4) Would it be possible to color the note names the same color as the notes

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english

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1) Looks like a bug. Let's open a bug report : #7249: Notehead should be on top of the staff lines
2) You can do it with the color notes plugin. Plugins -> Color notes. Looks in the plugin code to put your own colors.
3) I think but I'm not sure yet that MuseScore uses sRGB profile on Windows. That should help you to have setup your color management system.

3bis) You should be able to change the default note name position when applying the note names plugin if you look in the code.

4) That would be possible by modifing the note names plugin since the Text object supports color

I close this feature request, since it's more a support request. For further questions, you can use the forum

thanks very much for your quick answer. I tried to change the color note code but i cannot find the right code line.
Were are each default color note located?

Hello LAsconic,

Do u have an idea when the new version is gonna be available? I need to bug to be fixed before i can start the method book.

Best regards


arnaud33700, There is no planned release date for the next major version of MuseScore. Probably sometime in the next 12 months. You can do your work in the stable version and print using a nightly build if necessary. Beware: scores saved in the nightly builds cannot be opened by earlier versions of MuseScore.