Movable Tabs

• Aug 7, 2015 - 16:16

Hello! Feature request here. So, when you are working between multiple tabs at once it gets kind of tricky to work with, because if you have too many then you have to hit the arrow on the right to show more. However, I think that we should be able to click and drag tabs to a different position on the horizontal bar at the top.
Suggestion: Movable Tabs



Missing manual drag of score tabs is not too tiny a nuisance, and seems easy to fix. Even to users not caring for ease of mental order (of, say having score tabs [Manuscript transcript], [Modernized] & [Arrangement] lined up in that order without having having to open them accordingly, but rather being able to re-sort by dragging tabs) it should come as a surprise that this is not yet an option.

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Right, basically the second layer of tabs. As to its relevance? Well, if you have a lot of scores open—maybe with too many tabs to fit on screen, or you jut want to put them in a different order—you can close one, reopen it, or whatever. On the other hand, if you have a lot of parts, you can't close and open them—all you can do is delete them and start over. But now, you can rearrange their order. Seems pretty relevant to me.

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Thank you. I understand that parts, being linked, are problematic – and that this may affect ordering possibilities, set as well as real-time; but re-ordering unrelated scores should be neither as big nor like a problem. That said, every function is a win. This seems to me not a problem not solved, but a default function accidentally un-checked.

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