corrupted file

• Jan 10, 2009 - 10:24

I was writing lyrics, with many freezes......then the file refused to open. Mscore stayed on its splash screen (it was configured to open the last used file). Happily I can open from other files......

do you want to see the file?

do you suggest to update mscore in order to try to recover my file?



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was refused when I tried to join it to this answer, with the following odd message:

Le fichier sélectionné patapa.mscz, n'a pas pu être transféré. Seuls les fichiers se terminant par les extensions suivantes sont autorisés : jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp xml mxl msc mscz ts mid midi ly.

so I'll send a private message....

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The mscore layout routine has a problem with the "hide empty staves" style flag. If you change




in the *.msc file, then mscore will load the file again (but shows all staves).

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So, I got back my file, thanks, but since I was in a hurry, I prepared the score withe my present software (Pizzicato under Windows under Vmware, under Ubuntu)

This will give me an oportunity (but later) to ccompare the possibilites of mscore as compared with Pizzicato, and I'll report, if there is some remarks to be made.

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I could not get anything, I'm sorry.
Waiting for some computer wizard, searches for backup files (as in the picture), they have a point before the name and a comma at the end.

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