Measure copy and paste loses modified measure properties

• Aug 9, 2015 - 21:41

I am scoring some Hebrew chants which do not have regular beat counts/measures. I use the measure properties to change the actual time signature to match the actual beat count to remove excess rests in each measure. I want to copy these measures as modified to blank measures that have default 4/4 time. When I paste the notes are saved in 4/4 not that of the sourced measure. Sort of defeats the purpose of copy and paste if the modified time signature does not come along with the paste. I have not found this issue discussed elsewhere.


Well, sometimes it is what you want, other times it is definitely not. Would be nice to have ways of getting either behavior. Same with actual time signature changes.

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I found this thread after realizing that copying a set of notes in MuseScore isn't selecting the measure but the elements within the measure. This is fine except that the measures' properties such as the actual duration versus the nominal duration information doesn't copy, hence a paste doesn't provide a replica of what was copied. Like Marc said it would be cool if there were a sort of "Include measure/staff properties" option in copying. Maybe this could be an option in the inspector when a selection occurs: a ticker of "include staff and measure qualities" or something of the sort within selection.

It's definitely not a huge problem, but it would be a benefit to have some sort of optional behavior available.

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So what I have done is to make a blank measure with custom duration say 12/4. This is usually long enough for the phrases that have a sentence or too of lyrics. Then after I paste, I re-customize to get rid of the rests at the end. This is necessary so that the next measure starts upon completion of the previous otherwise there is a pause in the playback between lyric sections defined from measure to measure. But this is a nuisance since I create a template with generic names for the note sequences and replace them with specific lyrics at a later date. This requires copy and paste so I repeat the exercise.

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