D.S. % al fine

• Jan 11, 2009 - 18:47

I attached a "D.S al Fine" to the last measure (a second ending); and a segno to a measure near the top of the score (above a repeat bar line coupled with the first ending repeat bar line); and a "Fine" a few measures before said repeat bar line. It looks good for printing, but it doesn't play back that way. If I've done it right, would a *.mid file from the score play the jump as written? (Using r1407 on XP)

This may or may not help describe the layout:

(start) / / / % / / / Fine / / / / ||: / / / (1) :|| (2) D.S al Fine ||

It's not a huge deal, since I can work around it for midi by re-entering or copying the D.S. section to the end.

Thank you for a great program.


It is possible to hear repeats during playback. I added instructions to the handbook. See the playback section of repeat .

MIDI export should include the repeats as written. If it does not then you should check the preferences for the setting related to MIDI export.

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The hanbook display of the repeat palette helped immensely: the Segno, Coda, VarCoda, and Codetta are missing from my repeat palette. So I used the Segno in the Symbols palette which is, I now assume, why it was not recognized.

I just tried dragging the blank Segno (actually it placed a tiny dot, which I now also see in the palette frame). It repeated just fine.


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I don't know how long you have been using MuseScore but if you ever used a prerelease from early December it was easy to delete palette items by accident.

If you don't have any palette customizations that you want to keep then I recommend that you reset your palette. Instructions are on the developer's mailing list: Customizable palette

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I searched my computer for mscore-palette.xml with no result.

I then located and looked in the << local settings . . .\ MusE \ musescore folder>> - it was empty.

I checked the "shared" "default" and "owner" local settings as well, none has a stealth MusE folder

The only previous experience I've had with musescore was a failed attempt last week with 0.9.3, which would not display for me. I uninstalled it before downloading r1407.

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If the folder is empty then the palette has not been customized and my speculation was incorrect. Could you attach a copy of the score to a comment in this thread? Also a screenshot of MuseScore with the repeat palette open and your score using the repeats open might help us. Paste the screenshot into your favorite graphics editor, save as PNG, and attach it to this thread.

I see the "speck" segno in your screenshot, but when I open the score you attached it displays fine on my computer. A few more questions:

Are there other "speck" symbols in palettes besides the repeat palette? When you zoom in does the speck actually look like a segno?

When you double-click the segno and press F2 does it list the size as "20.0" and the family as "MScore"? Do you see a segno symbol in the Text editing ? (The palette in the current prereleases has some minor changes from the one displayed in the handbook, but the segno symbol is still in the top row, 11th from left). If you click on the segno button does it display correctly in the score?

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The other palettes look ok except for the doh ray me symbols which are the full-sized not-in-this-font rectangles.

At 1600 zoom, the speck was slightly larger.

The F2 palette lists 20.0 and MScore and shows a segno. I clicked it into the segno edit box, then looked at it at zoom 1600. It was now a very slightly larger speck than the one from repeats.

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