Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part

• Aug 23, 2015 - 11:36
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Nachstehendes bezieht sich nur auf die Drums-Spur, bei den anderen Instrumenten konnte ich nichts feststellen!
1. Bei der Eingabe von Artikulationen in einem Takt (im Beispiel Takt-Nr. 2) in der Partition erscheinen diese erst einmal richtig im Auszug. Wenn ich dann im Auszug den Takt 2 kopiere und als Takt 3 einfüge, erscheinen die Artikulationszeichen im Auszug zwar richtig, doch in der Partitur vergrößert. Im umgekehrten Falle - also kopieren des Taktes in der Partitur - erscheinen die Zeichen stark verkleinert im Auszug.

2. Schalte ich in der Partitur auf rhythmische Slash-Notation um (Bsp Takt 4, 1. Note) erscheint im Auszug nur eine Note und umgekehrt (Takt 5).

3. Bei der Verwendung von Linien um z.B. einen Fill zu kennzeichnen, werden Änderungen auch nicht übernommen. Schalte ich z.B. von Strich auf gestrichelt, oder ändere ich in den Linieneigenschaften den Text, so muss das immer sowohl in der Partitur als auch im Auszug vorgenommen werde. Auch hierbei tritt das Phänomen der unterschiedlichen Zeichengröße auf.

Gruß Walter

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In order to help, we would need the following information

1) what version of MuseScore
2) what operating system
3) the actual score - MSCZ file, not PDF - you are having problems with
4) precise step by step instructions (preferably in English) to reproduce the problem


1) Musescore V. 2.0.2, Revision f51dc11
2) Windows 7
3) I deleted the mscz file but
4) I described exactly how to reproduce the problem.

I detected an additional problem: if you double a note with the "R"-key which is for example in the third voice, then the system will switch back to first voice with unexpected results (only in the drums section!)

Gruß Walter

Perhaps a native German speaker could understand the steps to reproduce the problem, but the Google translation was too vague; I couldn't understand what to do. It didn't really look like there was as much detail as would be needed though.

As for the "R" key, feel free to file a separate bug report, but again, please include a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Title Sychronisation zwischen Partitur und Drums-Auszug Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part

Attempt at a translation:

The following refers to drum parts only, I couldn't find the same issue with other instruments!

1. When entering articulations in a measure (like in measure 2 of the example) in the score, those show up correctly in the part. If I then in the part copy measure 2 to measure 3, the articulations show up correctly in the part but in the score they are larger. In the reverse case - copy/past in the score - the articulations show much smaller in the part.

2. When switching to rhythmic slash notation in score only one note Shows up in the part, the part (example measure 4). Reverse too (measure 5)

3. Changing line properties are not synced between score and part, changes need to be done twice, for score and part. Also issue 1. is seen here (difference in size)

I believe 3. is by design, currently. Whether a line is solid or dotted is a layout issue and as such not synced between score and part.
But there are discussions on whether and how to link (or unlink) things like this between score and part.

The sounds about like the Google translation, but that just isn't enough information to allow me to reproduce the problem.

For #1, I tried all sorts of variations on adding articulations to the score and to parts and using copy/paste and couldn't see a problem. I tried making the staff in the score small, which I thought might be part of the issue even though at no time was this mentioned, but I still couldn't get it to fail. So please, I need an actual score and *precise* steps to follow.

For #2, is it possible he is referring to #73821: 'Toggle rhythmic slash notation' doesn't propagate between score and parts? I don't understand what "only one note" refers to; rhythmic slash notation just doesn't work *at all* between score and parts in 2.0.2, but that bug is already fixed for development builds anyhow.

For #3, indeed, see #69836: Changes to text line not reflected in linked parts