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• Aug 26, 2015 - 07:03

I copy a long hand written score to Musescore, and for proofreading purpose, I want to make the printed score looks like the written score as much as possible. I try to change the page parameters, and it would be helpful if all distances could be changed in smaller leaps, like 0.5sp or less (what's sp, btw?).


If you want to change distances in smaller leaps, then instead of using the up/down buttons, you can type in a different more precise number.

"sp" is the distance betwen two lines of a staff. All the entries in Style->General->Page use "sp" as the base unit of distance. To change the value of "sp", go to Layout->"Page Settings", and in the "Scaling..." box, change the value of "Staff Space" (which is what "sp" refers to).…

You may making that already. By selecting (highlight a value part) and by typing a new number, so the value is modified as you wished.
EDIT: Oops, eric was faster than me! :)

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