Mixer not displaying in Windows 10

• Aug 26, 2015 - 08:46

Running Windows 10 with Musescore 2.0.2 - press F10 to show the Mixer (or directly from the menu) but it does not show. The main menu title area turns a gray shade when toggled on, but the Mixer menu does not appear visible anywhere on the screen.

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I wonder if the mixer window is off your visible screen. (Maybe you had a larger screen setup before, and mixer was on an area that is no longer visible?) If you do a factory reset, that should reset the location of the mixer window, but will also reset a bunch of other settings.

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Thanks for this tip! Opening the MuseScore2.ini and removing the [Mixer] section was the solution.

And BTW, this was NOT a Windows 10 issue but probably a byproduct of me just having a whacky mixer window size setting (for a large score) then changing screen dimensions (then upgrading to Windows 10).

A very simple and quick fix - thanks again!.

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