Problem with conversion from file mscz to Midi file.

• Sep 1, 2015 - 20:10
S4 - Minor
needs info

I and other users found problems converting the Musescore2 file in Midi: specifically it saves a new midi file that is not possible to be reproduced. I sent both this midi file and pdf score of the song to show you how the program saves it. Maybe it made so because whe had to change the speed of the song and it saved it correctly only once before we changed it. Anyway i think it shouldn't happen.
Please solve it whenever it's possible and if it is possible.
Johnny McFlurry

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Status (old) active needs info

In order to help, we need the actual MSCZ file and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem - including a description of what makes you say there is a problem at all. That is, what do you do with the MIDI file that leads to believe there is a problem with it. If I take your MIDI file and load it back into MuseScore, it looks as much like the PDF as one could reasonably expect, given the fact that *lot* of information is lost when exporting to MIDI because it was not designed for that purpose.

If it's just about the bad tempo in the MIDI file, definitely post the MSCZ file so we can understand why it ended up bad in the MIDI file, but I'm guessing there was a hidden tempo marking (not visible in the PDF) in the original MSCZ as well.