<clef><sign>none</sign></clef> not imported

• Sep 1, 2015 - 22:02
S5 - Suggestion

The MusicXML importer on 2.0.2 is not properly importing the none clef sign.

The output of mscore is:

clef: unknown clef 

It doesn't present an error in the UI, so it's not a real bug report (somewhere between a missing part of the MusicXML spec parsing and a feature request), but probably worth knowing.

No clef is useful for rhythmic exercises for kids, etc., who might be confused by the percussion clef.

The other clef sign to get at the same time would be "jianpu" which is represented by the same glyph as no clef.

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Unfortunately, MuseScore doesn't support a "no clef" clef. We could create an invisible G clef when import MusicXML. We need a clef anyway or we wouldn't know where to put the notes...

No clef is useful if want to make a staff with just Chord Symbols. My workaround is using a single-line percussion and setting clef and the staff line to invisible.

Well, that's something different. If you want to make a score with no clef, you can hide it completely (and it will not take any space) via Staff Properties > Show Clef. But in this case, we would need to support "none" anywhere in the score.