if join a score without non-generated clef at start, then add clef before appending

• Sep 6, 2015 - 13:41

If I make a score with default treble clef, for instance, then there is no actual treble clef in the score (according to object debugger, the treble clef is "generated"). If I use album feature to append this treble clef score after a bass clef score, then the resulting score is only in bass clef, because the "generated" treble clef is not an actual score element and so doesn't get copied.

My feature request is to go ahead and create a clef at start of score if no actual clef exists already before appending.


I think we had the same issue with an Initial keysig, (and if I remember correctly this is now being set to C-Major). Not sure about Initial timesig?

Just tested in time signatures in 2.0.2 and works correctly, in that whatever time created I created each movement intially as individual new score is correctly copied to the joined score.

I'm going to submit a quick fix for this clef issue...I've made official feature request report:
#76101: if join a score without non-generated clef at start via album, then add initial clef before appending

Question as a matter of project managment/organization: Do I need to create a seperate *issue* when I believe a fix is simple and trivial? Or can I just create the PR with commit message fix with the number of this non-issuetracker forum post? (I understand the PR merge would not automatically generate the special fix comment then.)

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If it involves adding or deleting clefs, I guarantee it is *not* trivial. Might only be a couple of lines of code, but it will very likely unexpected consequences. Maybe not right now, but perhaps in conjunction with some other change to fix some other bug. I would definitely recommend filing issue on anything relating to delicate areas of code lik this, with sample score and clear steps to reproduce, and referencing that in the commit message and the PR, to make it easier to find where things went wrong when some day almost inevitably someone needs to look back and find out what changed, when, and why.

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I did provide blank treble clef .mscz and bass clef .mscz with pictures of each step before and after combining into album in that above issue link. I will include a basic test script when I make PR which will perform the score->append function and check that the clef of the first measure of new section is created and copied over.

I will clean up that issue description a little bit.

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