playback on note entry

• Jan 17, 2009 - 20:16

Is there some way to adjust the length of the note that is played on note entry?
If not could that be added?

The note is way too long now. If I input at any speed half the notes don't get played and that is very confusing.
When I input a note and then add a b or # to it I would like to have feedback. I only hear the first (natural) note and that is also confusing.

When selecting a bunch of notes an moving them up or down e.g. octave up, all these notes get played at once, this scares the cat. For a single note in note input moving it up an octave the audio feedback is nice, for a whole page of notes that are selected, not so nice.

Thanks for the wonderfull program by the way, I love it.


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Notes on different time position are not played anymore if they are on different time positions. The default play len is also now configurable (rev. 1448). The minimum play len is determined by the time mscore needs to relayout the score (which should be faster).

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