articulation and ornament adjustment

• Sep 10, 2015 - 14:42

I need to adjust some " > " because they all get entangled with my ties or legatos. I want them to be more perceptible. I´m not adjusting each single sign anymore ( hopefully ) but trying to manage it with the global settings. ( style -> edit general style -> articulation and ornaments )

I read some threads about this concern but didn´t really get it or could learn from it.

If I change any value in the articulation and ornaments menue of general style editing nothing will happen.

I just want to (generally) raise the distance between the note head and the articulation ( > ).

Anyone knows how to proceed`?

best regards


The algorithm for placing these symbols is pretty complicated, lots of special cases, with the position of any single articulation depending on whether the note is on the staff or not, on whether there are slurs, on whether there are other articulations, etc. And for certain articulations, those settings are indeed ignored completely in order to get various special behaviors.

So unfortunately, while you can try playing with thsoe settings and they *do* affect certain things about layout, there are lots of things you just can't do, and even if you could, you'ld find any global adjustment you made to that position would be right in some cases, wrong in others. So for now, until we perhaps implement some sort of additional collision detection for ">" and slurs, you will have to adjust things manually.

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