slash notation voice 3&4 : setting notes invisible change stem direction

• Sep 15, 2015 - 14:07


I figure out a small bug during experiments on slash notation :

a measure filled with slash rythmic notation in voice 3 or 4
select the whole measure
click notes at the bottom of the inspector
unchecked "visible" at the top of the inspector
-> as the notes become invisible, stem direction change


Well, it's not a bug that visibility of notes is one factor in determining the stem direction of other note s- it's actually an important feature, as it allows you to place invisible notes in one voices for playback or other purposes without affecting anything else. Also, any time you want something other than the default stem direction, you can simply use the "X" command to flip stems manually.

But I'm not quite understanding your specific case here and you are actually trying to make happen. Could you post the score you are having problems with (use File Attachments button below where you type your comment) and explain what you are trying to accomplish?

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