Msg + LOCK-UP Occurs On Printing Simple Score

• Sep 15, 2015 - 20:22

On attempting to PRINT (MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite) simple two-line (one-page) score, I receive the following message:

[ Changing "BJ Cartridge" to "Color" would cause and unresolvable conflict with the selected custom paper. No change will be made. ]

Pressing the "Continue" bar on the message redisplays the message and the session is LOCKED. I have to Force-Quit and restart the session. -- I deleted and re-downloaded the software but the same situation occurred. Other scores print.

Any ideas? The piano score was developed on Version 1.0 but I have saved it in the new version. Thx!


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Thank you, but I can only do half of that. The Printer Settings screen never displays before the series of error messages. From the "File" dropdown, I choose "PRINT". The trouble begins immediately. -- Perhaps a NEW score is what I need. -- I'm going to try to copy the contents of the one-page score to a new document because my theory (guess) is that the error-msgs somehow relate to the score's being created on an older version of MS. Perhaps a new score will be "cleansed" of whatever causes this problem. I will report the result here.

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I'm not having any luck solving this problem. Attempting to PRINT a one-page score results in a loop of messages about printing (as above) and I'm unable to continue the session. I have to "Force Quit" MuseScore and start again. This is another score that was created using a much earlier version of MS so I reasoned that I should create a new score by "Save As" and a new name. However printing under the newly saved version with a new name did not make any difference. -- Is there some way I could send this to you so you could look to see what is causing the problem?

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The File / Export to PDF is successful. I didn't know about it but it gets me "out of trouble." The PRINT function is what causes the error-msg loop/lock. The PRINT screen display also offers "Print to PDF" so I thought that was the only way. Thanks! -- Another clue: After a failed PRINT + Force Quit, the "Open Recent" drop-down does NOT include the score I had open. It was OPEN and I did make changes to AND saved the changes. Maybe this add'l information will help. -- Note the score link above.

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According to your profile, you are in the US, but you have the page size set to A4 in Layout / Page Settings. Not that this inself should cause any problems other than part of your score being cut off because A4 paper is longer than Letter, but you might at least try setting a more appropriate paper size (unless you really do use A4 paper). Also, I dont know the printer driver you might be using, but be sure you pick the right paper size there, and get the paper orientation right. Some printer drivers might have problems with certain combinations of options.

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I made the correction to "Letter" size paper but the problem continues. The Export to PDF function gets me out of trouble but I suspect strongly this problem is somehow related to my use of MuseScore prior to 2.0. I don't seem to have the problem on newly created scores. (Not sure about this.) Really appreciate your help.

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Well, certainly, the mere fact that a score was created in an older version shouln't cause problems, and doesn't for me or for others. So there must be something special about this one somewhow, but I'm at a loss to understand. Presumably it has something to do with the page settings - some combinations of landscape/portrai mode, duble sided mode, paper size, margins, etc that your printer driver isn't liking or that MuseScore isn't liking the information your printer driver returns.

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1.) At least, I'm out of trouble because exporting to PDF saves me from disaster. It is interesting that printing off the PDF is free of problems.
2.) From what you are saying, I am inclined to continue changing settings and attempting to learn what exactly causes these printer message loops. I use a Canon inkjet printer and I don't remember doing anything special during installation, about 3 years ago. I think there was a CD for installation and I connected wirelessly and began using the printer. I have done MUCH printing and any problem has been solved by turning the printer OFF an ON so that it resets itself. -- Let's hope trial and error will finally divulge the combination of events that produces this lock-up. Since the message loop is a series of MuseScore Printing messages, I think the conflict is NOT a Canon problem but something MuseScore itself doesn't like.
3.) Still love MuseScore. I use it every day.

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If you take the file you're trying to print, go to Layout - Page settings and set it to portrait (uncheck landscape) it'll work fine (it does on mine). Not sure if it's the OS, printer software or Muse but it doesn't like landscape printing for some reason. Happens to be on a band new document. Set to landscape - print, stuck in a loop.

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I too have the same problem. It is not a continuous loop that you get caught in. It is showing a dialog for every print variable. You can keep clicking on the dialogs and eventually get to the print dialog.
The error dialog boxes follow this pattern:

Changing “xxxx” to “yyyy” would cause an unresolvable conflict with the selected custom paper. No change will be made.

For my Canon printer, here is the sequence:
Click through the set of 21 errors
Click through the set of 4 errors
Click through the set of 21 errors (twice)
Then I get an untitled dialog box:

Changing the destination paper to Custom would cause a conflict that cannot be resolve. No change will be made.

Click through the set of 21 errors
Then another dialog box:

Load the following paper into the rear tray.
Media Type: Plain Paper
Paper Size: Custom Sizes
Clicking [OK] will start printing.
Plain paper that is not A4, Letter, B5, or A5 size will be fed from the rear tray.
[Cancel] [OK]

Click through the set of 4 errors
Click through the set of 21 errors (twice)
Then the printer prints but on a portrait sheet that cuts off the right side of the page
Here are the two error lists:

Set of 4 errors:
“Color Mode” to “Standard”
“Brightness” to “Normal”
“Sample Type” to “Standard”
“View Color Pattern” to “OFF”

Set of 21 errors:
“BJ Cartridge” to “Color”
“Media Type” to “Plain Paper”
“Paper Source” to “Automatically Select”
“Print Quality” to “Standard”
“Banner” to “5”
“SpecialMode” to “0”
“Quality” to “Normal(Fine)”
“Halftoning” to “Diffusion”
“Quality” to “Normal(Fine)”
“Halftoning” to “Diffusion”
“MarginType” to “0”
“Amount of Extension” to “2”
“Grayscale Printing” to “OFF”
“Grayscale Printing” to “OFF”
“Duplex Printing” to “OFF”
“AutoDuplexCheckBox” to “0”
“Stapling Side” to “Long-side stapling (Left)”
“Duplex” to “None”
“Print Area” to “Use reduced printing”
“PaperGapCommand” to “10”
“Output Resolution” to “600 x 600 dpi”

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