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• Nov 6, 2010 - 11:42

I made a partiture for flute and soprano recorder. How can I easily remove the lyrics from the flute; now i have to click on each text and remove is by hand! It is not necessaire to have double lyrics. The other question is: is there any opportunity to set a textblock under the staffs with the other couplet text in it?
Thanks for taking time to make an anwer.

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To delete the lyrics from flute. Right click on one of the lyrics -> Select -> Select similar elements on this staff and press Del.

For a block of text, Create -> Measure -> Append vertical frame. Then right click the vertical frame -> Add -> horizontal frame. Right click the horizontal frame, add -> text

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I guess no, text frames can't contain other frames.
Unless you format columns yourself In a text frame), which is quite cumbersome, as tab doesn't work and spaces don't give nice alignments an 2nd, 3rd, ... column. In that respect MuseScore leavs quite a bit room for improvent ;-)

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